Cyber IQ: Train the Trainer!

cyberIQWe LOVE running programs across the state at all levels – K-12, higher ed and professional. These programs are built on the foundation of IT-oLogy and are used to meet our mission and vision of advancing IT talent. We need your help to make these programs happen! IT-oLogy isn’t about the small (note, I said small) staff, or a building in Columbia, South Carolina. IT-oLogy is about bringing together partners across business and academia to reach our goal. We NEED your help!

In the fall, we introduced CyberIQ

Later this month, we will be hosting two “Train the Trainer” CyberIQ sessions. Are you interested in delivering this program to students or parents in your area? Would you be willing to go out on behalf of IT-oLogy? If so, then this session is for you! So, you don’t live in Columbia? No big deal! We are working to set up teleconferencing in areas where volunteers are!

What will this session be like? It will be short, sweet and filled with all the tools you need to present CyberIQ. We will provide volunteers with a presentation, handouts and a DVD. So…are you in? If so, let Alicia Thibaudet know by emailing her at [email protected]!

Scheduled Train the Trainer Sessions:

Monday, April 23rd from 12-12:45
Tuesday, April 24th from 5-5:45

Help us spread the word about online safety!


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