Our History

Fostering economic development and advancing the IT profession since 2008

The History of IT-oLogy


When executives at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina realized they needed a larger pool of qualified candidates to fill positions in their growing IT department, they reached out to the University of South Carolina. Instead of developing a partnership that would solve the problem only for BlueCross BlueShield, they sought a solution to address the problem across the Southeast.


USC and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina partnered with IBM in December 2008 to form the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management. The Consortium was formed in part to encourage young people to learn the skills needed to manage enterprise systems, large-scale computers that process high volume transactions. Since its inception, numerous other corporate and educational supporters have gotten involved and the mission has expanded to include all aspects of computer science, engineering and technology.


In January 2011, the Consortium rebranded itself with the friendlier, more appealing IT-oLogy.


Today, IT-oLogy is a non-profit collaboration of companies, academic institutions and other organizations dedicated to growing the IT talent pipeline, fostering economic development and advancing the IT profession.