Corporate Team Building

Build team morale, trust and motivation through quality, technology-based activities.

Corporate Team Building

IT-oLogy is excited to offer corporate team building activities for your team.  By incorporating high-quality, technology-based activities with strong collaboration and communication skills, your employees are sure to have a blast—all while building team morale, trust and motivation.  Using technology gadgets such as robots, drones and virtual reality, team members are challenged to work together to code, design and problem solve different scenarios.  All skill levels will enjoy this meaningful day out of the office!

Testimonials from team building participants:

“IT-oLogy is truly amazing.  4 thumbs for IT, Coding and Robotics!!!  I will work on my communication skills (try hard to understand others).  I will always do the best that I can at anything I do and ask for help when needed. Thank you so much for the wonderful and unforgettable experience.”

“My favorite part of the event was the competition between the MBOT robots. This was so much fun and all the excitement led other team members to relax and get out their comfort zones. Each team really worked well together and no one gave up.”

“Great Session and time flew by (guess that means we were having fun)!”

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