K-12 Resources: Technology Learning Tools for Kids in Elementary through High School

To help you further explore the vast opportunities IT provides, we’ve compiled lists of tools, based on age group. Many of these are free and provide fun ways to learn about coding, design, and more. They’re perfect for students, parents, and teachers.

Resources by Grade

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

6th Grade – 8th Grade

9th Grade – 12th Grade

Fun, At-Home STEM Projects

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a Google AI experiment that you can play on your phone. Players will have to search their house to find the items the AI requests and show them to the camera before the clock runs out.

Google CS First offers free one hour coding activities for students to exercise their story telling and art skills while coding.

Microsofts Makecode Arcade is an online IDE were you can build your own retro arcade games. Explore the tutorials on the landing page to build up your block coding skills.

Computational Thinking Activities: Here is a list of unplugged activities for when you need to get away from the computer screen and get the wiggles out. The whole family can get in on the action and explore computational thinking.

Anne at Left Brain Craft Brain has a wealth of crafting and science activities for kids of all learning levels. I recommend the pdf printable of the Color By Coding Astronaut activity sheet. (you can get this printable for free by entering your email address)

Wow In The World is an educational podcast aimed at families that explores the science behind all that is interesting and mysterious in the world around us.

Four Engineering Challenges

  1. How much weight can it hold? Using just one cup as a base, try to build a structure that can hold as much weight as possible!
  2. Build the tallest possible structure. Is a wide base stronger than a narrow base? You decide! Build a structure as tall as you can without it falling over.
  3. How tall can you build with a small base? What can you build using just one block as a base? Think balance and symmetry.
  4. Make something unique! Can you balance a block outside of the main structure? Can you stack cups on a single block? Get creative and try to ensure a structure that has unique qualities and is autonomously standing.

How Strong is a piece of paper?
What shapes do you think will support the weight of books? Using a triangle, cylinder, and square as your base shapes, learn about weight distribution and see which shape is the strongest.

Stop Motion Animation
Using an iPhone, iPad, touchpad, or other smartphone, create a stop motion animation video using this free app! A plain background, inanimate objects, and your imagination is needed to complete this fun project. Learn the basics of filmmaking while having fun with toys and household products you already own.

If/Then Backyard Coding
Challenge each other to learn about conditional statements in coding. Use real-life examples to learn how programmers communicate with computers with very few supplies needed!

Hour of Code
Hour of Code is a free computer-based activity to help students of all ages learn to code. From Frozen to Minecraft, there are topics to spark anyone’s interest!

Micro:bit tutorials
Does your student have an interest in block coding? Games? Use the micro:bit tutorial section to play rock-paper-scissors, magic games, and more! Use the emulator on the left side of the screen to see what your code instructs the micro:bit to do.

Cyber School
A free online learning platform that teaches students about cybersecurity. The virtual Cyber School hosts daily 45-minute livestreams focused on topics including an introduction to coding and algorithms, online safety, ethical hacking and social engineering.

They teach kids to code remotely, so they can stay safe and keep learning. It’s really fun, and the kids love it! We do a project every class and they’re offering special classes during the school closures.

A great list of 46 free coding websites, classes and apps to help your student continue their learning!

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