Frequently Asked Questions for IT-oLogy

Are you a nonprofit organization?

IT-oLogy is a nonprofit organization. All gifts to IT-oLogy are tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for your particular situation.

Can you help me find a job or internship?

Though we are not a job placement agency, we have relationships with higher education institutions and representatives and industry contacts that may help you in your job/internship search.

Do you offer IT certification testing?

We do not offer certification testing. We can connect you with our partners who offer the training.

Do you offer IT classes?


We offer a variety of workshops and bootcamps for students through professionals. Visit our programs page for a complete list.

What does IT-oLogy do?

Simply put, IT-oLogy works to put more people into IT careers. How do we do that? While we’re NOT a recruiter or job placement agency, we offer information, events, and programs that introduce people to IT career opportunities and help them get started. Think of us as your IT career adviser. You can explore IT and decide if it’s the career for you.

What type of programs do you offer?

We offer programs for K-12 students, college & university students, career-changers, and IT professionals. Here is a list of our programs.