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IT really is for everyone.

Through a career in information technology, you can create a life-saving technology, protect your nation, expand internet access globally, or start a business.

IT-oLogy is a non-profit organization in Columbia, South Carolina. We work to ensure every South Carolinian is equipped to take advantage of the career opportunities in the new technology economy.


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“I have been lucky enough to meet some really amazing people and further my knowledge of technology through the opportunities that have been provided by IT-oLogy. I hope everyone will take advantage of these stimulating programs offered by this wonderful non-profit organization.” Lauren Faris High School Senior, Homeschool
“My mom encouraged me to attend an IT-oLogy event because she realized how much Information Technology is impacting the world; she wanted my brother and me to gain more exposure. I’m glad she did. I've learned so much from attending the classes and training programs.” Jeryi Dunbar High School Student
“People are committing to a high-tech future, from education to business to local government. What you have in Columbia is a place that is a true rarity in the U.S. It’s pretty amazing.” Jonathan LeBlanc Head of Developer Evangelism at PayPal
“I’m fascinated by the impact technology plays in our lives. From my children curious to know “what color iPod I had growing up?” and trying to explain that when I was born we didn’t even have the Atari yet to considering the pace of change. IT stokes a natural curiosity. But mostly I’m intrigued by how we can design and use technology in a way that improves our lives. And on that front, I think we’re only starting to scratch the surface.” Michael Santarcangelo Security Catalyst
“I chose the Applied Computing minor to expose myself to the technology I will encounter in the workforce. The Applied Computing minor will allow me to develop proficient skills in coding and programing that I can use alongside my graphic design major..” Jessica Bonilla Garcia Columbia College, Class of 2016
“IT has greatly benefitted me. I use technology in every aspect of my life. I use technology for entertainment and education. IT has assisted me in succeeding in school. I have used IT to create documents and complete presentations. I have participated in LEGO First Robotics and I was apart of a team that won second place. This was my first opportunity to learn how to code. This is how IT has helped me in my life..” Christian Middle School Student
“IT interests me because I enjoy learning fun things and being creative. IT impacts my life by helping me with school and allowing me to help others. I was named a SC Aspirations in Computing Award winner for the NCWIT.” Mary Kathryn High School Student

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IT-oLogy is one the U.S. Department of Labor’s Leaders of Excellence in Apprenticeship, Development, Education, and Research

IT-oLogy’s team is certified by the Red Cross for CPR, First Aid, and AED

IT-oLogy is a recipient of the University of South Carolina’s Annual Literacy Leader (ALL) Awards