Turning Dreams into Reality

By April 16, 2014 Coursepower

Last week as a part of Philly Tech Week, Dr. Frank Lee of Drexel University, and his team created a playable 29-story version of Tetris on the sides of the Cira Centre. This awesome feat started off as a mere imagining of the blocks from the popular game on the side of buildings in the city. But Dr. Lee managed to in a sense turn a dream into reality. And this isn’t the first time he has done so, last year he did the same designing and playing a giant version of Pong on the side of the building.

This is what technology allows us to do, turn our dreams into realities; in more ways than the literal sense, too. The integration of technology into our lives is allowing us to do things we have never done before and solve issues from perspectives never thought possible. This description of technology in today’s society might seem fantastical but that is only because we are just entering this new age, technology is still seen as strictly a convenience in a lot of people’s minds, not the new way of living.

This increasingly dated perspective is allowing a rift to grow in our job market, in the next decade technology jobs are expected to grow more than 18%. As it stands right now, there are not enough students pursuing degrees and people working in related fields to fill this gap. However, this gap also presents a great opportunity for those who are willing to take advantage.

One way of taking advantage would be to consider talking to your advisor about earning a minor or certificate in applied computing. With a minor or certificate in applied computing, the number of possibilities you give yourself the opportunity to pursue increases dramatically. Taking this step and allowing the opportunity to get a job in a booming field, are just the first of many.

For more on the 29-story game of Tetris designed by Dr. Lee and his team and how they did it, visit: fastcodesign.com.

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