Trends 2013 a Success!

By September 18, 2013 Grow IT, IT-oLogy Columbia

With 250 registered attendees, 9 speakers, and countless companies and organizations represented, the Trends 2013 conference brought to the forefront the importance of Actionable Analytics. From tweets to photos to online articles, local media and conference attendees spread the word about Trends. Thank you to the sponsors, partners, and attendees of Trends 2013!

At the beginning of the conference IT-oLogy asked the Trends attendees to let us know what they were thinking throughout the day via social media. Using the hashtag #Trends2013 IT-oLogy was able to track how things were going in the presentations, during the event, and even the food and snacks! Overall we received numerous tweets and photos documenting Trends’ success. Here are some of our favorite tweets and photos of Trends 2013!






Did we list any of your tweets? If you attended Trends, what was your favorite part of the conference?


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