The Value of Version Control/Git Presented at IT-oLogy












The Open IT Lab at IT-oLogy presented a “Version Control/Git/GitHub” workshop on Thursday, January 17. Many computer science students and local IT professionals attended.

Version control is a common tool used by software developers to keep track of changes in code or documents. By using version control and “checking in” changes made to a project into a repository responsible for managing a project, it’s possible to examine old versions, revert mistakes, determine who made changes, enable easier collaboration, and provide better organization for projects of all sizes.

Jarrell covered topics like creation of a repository, repository organization, common git workflows, working with remote repositories, how to use the staging area and manage commits, adding and removing files, creating branches, managing tags, viewing logs, reverting changes in a repository, viewing changes between commits, viewing the status of the working tree, and many others.

Attendees walked away with valuable knowledge that will help them manage projects and track code more effectively.

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