The Value of Giving Back

Jordan Manier

The Value of Giving Back – Jordan Manier’s Volunteer Experience

This semester was my first working with IT-oLogy. I did volunteer work with Mrs. James, one of the directors for IT-oLogy. On Monday and Thursdays, we would travel to St. Andrews Middle School to teach 7th and 8th graders robotics. My experience with the students was very rewarding. Teaching and mentoring has always been a passion of mine. When I was in the 10th grade, I had a mentor that motivated me to go to college for computer science. He advised me that a career in the STEM field was going to be worth all of the work I would be doing in college. I took his advice and changed my major to computer science.

I believe giving back is a very important part of life especially to our youth because they are the future. The program with the students at IT-oLogy is very important. The student we worked with seemed like they were very excited to learn and build the robots. We only had 45 minuets to work, but they made due of the time given. The students were working to get ready for the RARC robotics contest. The students had to completely build a Mindstorm Lego robot and have it preform tasks on a map for points. The more tasks the students completed, the more points they received.

My overall experience with IT-oLogy was amazing. I wish I would have found about them sooner! I would have volunteered a long time ago. I recently graduated with my bachelors in computer science. Besides graduating, working with the students at St. Andrews was the highlight of my year.

Jordan Manier
Computer Science Graduate – Benedict College
Currently attending Charleston Southern University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security


Thank you, Jordan!

If you’d like to follow Jordan’s example and invest your life into students, visit our Volunteer page here to learn more!

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