A Program with a Bow on Top

By May 27, 2015 Coursepower

Coursepower – A Program with a Bow on Top
A couple years ago Brock Rhoad found himself stuck in a job at a golf resort with little room for upward mobility. Like many others with a shiny degree from a reputable university, it did not save him from the current state of the economy, so his hours were gradually cut. While it all looked bleak for Brock, he took advantage of the situation and started re-designing the resort’s website. “I had taken a couple computer science classes in college, of which I did not particularly enjoy and wasn’t particularly good at, but this time updating the CSS and HTML clicked. I was hooked!”

Career Changer – A Program Made to Produce
After some research on programs in Columbia, he discovered Midland Technical College’s Coursepower Front-End Web Developer Program, which is in the Corporate and Continuing Education Division. In Brock’s words, “It was packaged with a bow; it is not cluttered and included only what I wanted to learn. It was perfect for me. And, the price was right.” While Brock admits he had his ups and downs during this intensive program, he could not imagine doing anything else.

Ups and downs and Extra Hours Pay Off
He did more than was required in the classes by studying at night and on the weekends, but it all paid off. Brock was offered a Front-End Development position at DuBose Web Group right out of the program. What he likes most about working at Dubose is their open environment. He says, “They allow everyone to pitch ideas – even developers! I am also able to work one-on-one with clients as well, which allows for a holistic development process; it’s not compartmentalized. I am able to use all of the skills I learned in Coursepower to better my client’s end product.”

Would Hire More Coursepower Graduates
According to President and Founder of DuBose, Blake DuBose, Brock has stepped into the role with great ease. “The Coursepower Program prepared Brock to step into the role as Front-End Developer and run with it,” says DuBose, “we would be happy to hire more graduates from the program.”

-Brock Rhoad
Midlands Technical College

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