Overflow crowd for Drupal 101 & 102 Workshops

Nearly 20 people attended the Drupal 101 & 102 workshop on Saturday, February 23 at IT-oLogy. Even with the terrible weather outside, attendees of all ages and experience levels gathered in the Distance Learning classroom to learn more.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the open source Drupal content management system and framework, in use by about 2% of the world’s websites, and to provide an opportunity to extend upon that baseline knowledge. The course was a combination of the Drupal 101 and 102 classes offered previously at IT-Ology and gave attendees an opportunity to learn a lot in a single day of instruction.

Those in attendance learned to build their own website using Drupal Gardens, and to take advantage of Drupal features such as content types and views to develop custom applications. Tech-savvy people with no programming experience used the point and click interface to build sites and the API/framework allowed programmers to develop unique applications.

The nearly 20 people for this workshop, combined with the 30 attendees for the separate Drupal 101 and 102 workshops earlier in the month, meant more than 50 unique individuals learned more about Drupal in February at IT-oLogy.

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