Meet the IT-oLogy Interns – Robert Petit

IT-oLogy intern Robert Petit, middle,

While with IT-oLogy, intern Robert Petit, middle, taught Cyber Saturday classes and assisted Program Manager Jon Bartschi.

This summer IT-oLogy has had the opportunity to work with many great interns, each with their own sets of interests, skills, and goals. We are happy to introduce them to the blog  and hope that the information technology community will welcome them as talented students and future IT professionals. Introducing our second “Meet the IT-oLogy Interns” feature, Robert Petit!

Name: Robert Petit

Age: 16

 School: Heathwood Hall

When did you first get interested in IT? How? I was introduced by a persistent and interesting teacher in the mandatory Introduction to Computer Science class.

 How did you find out about IT-oLogy? I was brought out to the IT-oLogy offices on a school field trip.

 What parts of IT are you interested in? Why? I am interested in software development and research science.

Why do you think IT is important? Computers are both interesting and useful, from advancing in the economy to helping scientists and researchers around the world.

Who has helped you get involved in IT? My computer science teacher and the IT department at my school.

 How does IT affect your day to day life? IT has, more or less, taken over my day to day life. I enjoy working with computers and do very little else.

 Where would you like to work someday? In what position? I would like to ultimately end up as an astronaut.

 What are your plans for after high school? I would like to attend MIT where I will study astro physics and computer science.

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