We need YOU!  Because You Are IT!

On May 5th, we are asking our advocates, friends, supporters and collaborators to help us with a very special program.

You Are IT is a fund that will assist in ways our current budget doesn’t allow.  We have many requests for assistance for individuals in the community who have very specific IT needs.  We have students who can’t afford an IT-oLogy summer camp.  We have students who do not have access to a computer at home.   We have students who want to host student-run, student-led events that provide experiential learning and camaraderie among the greatest target audience we have to influence toward IT careers, high school and middle school students!

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For example, in February, we hosted a code.day event at IT-oLogy– a 24 hour code-a-thon with more than 54 teens in attendance. You can imagine how much these 54 teenagers can eat!!  This is just an example of things that are not in our budget but are VERY meaningful to the community!

We would appreciate your help in supporting these needs and will publish the results of what the funds are used for in our monthly newsletters.  Stay tuned!

So, please join us on May 5th, Midlands Gives Day, to support IT-oLogy’s You Are IT fund for these specific and truly meaningful needs that we see everyday.  It’s an easy way to make a big difference in our goals for advancing IT in the Midlands.

Click here to learn more about Midlands Gives!

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