So, now that you’ve got the perfect resume, what’s next? Hopefully your resume has made its way to all the right people and you now have an interview scheduled.  Follow these tips to make your interview a success.
Preparation is by far the most important interview tip one can give you.  Prepare your outfit, driving directions, interview questions, knowledge of the company and others.  Create a check list of “To Do’s” and make sure you have them all competed before heading out the door.

Since most people form an opinion of you within seconds of meeting you it is important to dress for success!  Make sure your outfit doesn’t overshadow your interview.
Wear a business suit or dress shirt and slacks. 
Wear comfortable shoes in case you are given a tour. Ladies, a 3 inch high heel would not only look unprofessional but it would be highly uncomfortable to walk in.

Wear perfume.  Some have allergies to certain smells and what you think smells good could be unattractive to others.
Smoke before an interview. Again, what may not be a big deal to you could be highly unattractive to others…not to mention some have allergies to smoking as well.
Wear anything revealing.   Ladies, make sure your blouse isn’t low cut and Men, make sure to wear an undershirt!
Wear big jewelry!!! Even though this is in style at the moment, big jewelry can be a huge distraction.  You want the employer to remember YOU and not the huge loop earrings and flower bracelet you wore.

3-Company Knowledge
The purpose of an interview is not only for the company to get to know you, but for you to get to know the company. If you don’t know anything about the company interviewing you, that is an indicator to the employer that you aren’t very interested in the position. Ask questions like “How many employees do you have? I see from your website, you have locations around the world. Is there possibility of travel?” 

4. Yourself
This is one area that you don’t need much coaching in.  Make sure you tell them WHY you would be a good fit for the position and that you’re very interested in the next step.  If you don’t showcase your talents and how you can benefit their company, SOMEONE ELSE WILL! 

5. Appropriate questions
There are appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask during an interview.  Make sure to ask questions that are relevant to the conversation and don’t interrupt the interviewer. 
Do ask:
Specific company questions. 
How many employees do you have?
Can you walk me through a typical day in this position?
How would you define a successful employee?
What type of training will this position have?
What are the goals for this position?

Do not ask:
Salary questions!!! A company knows you’re not going to work for free…when it is appropriate, they will bring up salary.
Questions regarding benefits/vacation etc. Again, they know these are important topics and they will bring them up when the time is right.

The more you practice for your interview, the better you will be.  Look yourself in the mirror and answer/ask questions.  See what your facial expressions/posture actually looks like. 

Career Fair tips for students
Students, take advantage of your college career fairs!  Many employers only recruit from college career fairs because they get the opportunity to speak with each potential candidate.  The career fair is NO DIFFERENT than an actual interview.  Make sure you aren’t in your gym shorts or anything else inappropriate.  Employers take notice of the students that actually prepare.  Also, make sure to eat before the career fair.  Many students will walk around with food and eat while talking to employers, this is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and again…employers take notice and write these things down.  Just as before, practice before arriving.  Know what employers are going to be there, and have your list of questions for each.

Follow these steps and you are SURE to be successful! Good luck!
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