InnoVenture Southeast 2011: IT-oLogy and Aibo

Did you ever think that a little dog could be a mere focal point of such a high powered conference like InnoVenture Southeast 2011. Well, after the second day…we had more people coming by our booth to visit Aibo than expected. Meet Aibo…if you look above, he was well visited and well liked!

Now, we did lead many great discussions about the Future of IT and the Talent Pipeline necessary to support this initiative. Lonnie was the opening speaker on the first day. He introduced many cool speakers from the Governors School for Mathematics and Sciences to a cool new company called Kin Valley creating a new online, social network for families. These presentations led to a wonderful round table discussion between all the speakers, focused on the Future of IT and leveraging each other’s resources. That is what InnoVenture is all about, bring innovative thinking together so that “Sparks Will Fly.” You can learn more about InnoVenture Southeast at

The more innovative conversation that was taking place, the more people that visited our booth…and litte Aibo was stealing the show. This little pup is more than just a robot, he was almost real. People could come and get him to play with a ball, pet the back of his neck, and watch him walk around. Aibo even took a little snooze. Here is the thing about little Aibo…he represents the future of IT. He is fully programable, set with emotions and actions. He is actually owned by the University of South Carolina and is a bit pricy.

Here is a little video of Aibo walking around at InnoVenture Southeast 2011.

Let’s just say we had a great day meeting so many innovative folks at InnoVenture Southeast 2011. Here are the pictures from the event, so feel free to look through our Flickr Slideshow.


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