Folks Who Make IT Happen

By May 24, 2011 Education

A really great thing happened today at IT-oLogy. We were happy to host a group with New Carolina, and Lonnie had the opportunity to speak to this group of men and women about IT-oLogy. What we’re doing as a collaboration of partners is extraordinary, and every time we share our successes and vision, we bring more folks on board. Lonnie spoke about our inititatives and ways to get involved on all levels – the K-12 level, the higher ed level and the professional level.

One person in particular jumped on board quickly when Lonnie mentioned the Summer IT Camp that kicks off in June. This camp is for middle school students across the Midlands to experience IT in a hands-on learning environment, while also participating in leadership development, team building and other opportunities. This camp is open to students, regardless of their ability to pay for it. What struck me was how quickly one such gentleman raised his hand and volunteered scholarship money.

Scholarships are giving students the opportunity to participate in the Summer IT Camp for anywhere from one to five sessions. Each session costs $300; it is people like this gentleman that are making the camp accessible to so many students! Are you interested in sponsoring a child to attend the Summer IT Camp? Give me a call at 803.354.5735!

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