Before Changing Your Career to IT, Consider These 3 Things

By March 1, 2019 Careers
Changing Your Career to IT

At IT-oLogy, we have the honor of telling students and professionals about the vast opportunities open (and growing) throughout the tech sector. The variety of roles is wide – ranging from developing software to designing web graphics to building relationships with clients. Jobs are going unfilled, so it’s often a buyer’s market which makes wages more competitive.

With all of these factors at play, it may be easy to take it for granted and assume jumping into a tech job from another career field will be a piece of cake. That may happen for you, but don’t assume it will. Be sober-minded, intentional and ready to work to earn your new career pursuit. Consider these 3 factors:

1. Put on some humility

Just because you’re making six figures in your current field, doesn’t mean that will translate into IT. Depending on how large of a gap you’re leaping between careers, you may need to be prepared to start at, or near the bottom. You also may need to go back to school for a 2-year tech degree and/or industry-specific certifications. In addition, you’ll find many online learning opportunities online for a nominal fee, or for free.

If you’re ready for a change and you love the impact potential you can make through technology, these are small prices to pay. Just come in with an open mind.

2. Be likeable

This may seem silly, but needs to be included. Some move into technology because they don’t like working with people. They believe their new job will enable them to hide behind a computer screen with minimal human interaction.

The bad news for them is that more employers are looking for individuals who can enthusiastically practice both technology and interpersonal skills. We’ve seen professionals with the required tech skills struggle to find a job because they’re not pleasant to work with. If this is your challenge, invest in yourself by developing those soft skills. Nobody wants to work with a jerk.

3. It helps to know somebody

We hear this everywhere – and it’s true. Your network is your most valuable asset in advancing your career. If you need to build your list of contacts in the IT field, you can easily do so. Check out local tech-related meetup groups and start attending. You’ll not only meet people who can help you find an opportunity, you can also gain a treasure trove of information about what life will be like in your new career.

You can also check your second and third degree connections on LinkedIn and invite a key industry contact to coffee. You’re not asking for a job, simply researching before you change careers.

Become a hero

Thank you for your interest in a tech career. Tech heroes across the country are developing resources and solutions in every industry, making life better for everyone. We hope you join their ranks. IT-oLogy is here to help!


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