Analyzing Code and Life

By April 15, 2015 Coursepower

Recently in my Web Development class, we have been working on design elements and page layout for web pages. Each week in the class we do independent case studies to apply what we learned about in the chapter to our “bucket of tools” for creating effective and aesthetically pleasing web pages. These pictures show some of the progress made on the case study, and the CSS that was used to create its appearance. However, I am by no means a pro at any of this, so I am finding that I can’t quite catch the errors I am making in the CSS or HTML coding yet. For instance, all of the body is supposed to be incased in a white background with the font being a dark blue. Something with the CSS or HTML is keeping it from applying to anything past the headers! However, the beauty I find in running into problems, is that it forces the person to take a step back and really look at what the problem is, and find the source of it. Only from there can you more effectively fix the problem and move on with the assignment. I find that this idea can even be applied to our everyday lives as people of the world. Not only am I learning an important and beneficial skill through the applied computing minor, but every day I am finding new ways to approach life through the analytical skills it teaches me.

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