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Congratulations to the 2018 Top Innovators!

Congratulations to our 2018 top student and teacher innovators! These students and teachers used technology to develop creative ways to help solve and/or bring awareness to a local, or global problem. We’re very proud of you and thankful that you’re making South Carolina better!

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Elementary School

TM Floyd Top Innovator: Aqua Patrol Ocean Cleaner – Colette Schaalje and Lillianna Anderson – Spearman Elementary School (Piedmont, SC)

2nd Place: Crayola Color Recycle Awareness Video – CharLeigh While – Merrywood Elementary School (Greenwood, SC )

3rd Place: Not So Styrofoam – Mariyah Carroll and Piper Petroski – Merrywood Elementary (Greenwood, SC)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Deer Vehicle Collision Avoidance System – Sai Vallabh Gurram – Merrywood Elementary School (Greenwood, SC)
  • Trash Dash – Honorable Mention  Anna Katherine Philpot and Adriana Barreras – Spearman Elementary School  (Piedmont, SC)

High School

TM Floyd Top Innovator: Smarter Thermostat – Lauren Chen – Dutch Fork High School (Irmo, SC)

2nd Place: Fowl Water Cleaner – Marigordon Varner, Cameron Estes and Austin Bercume – Laurens High School (Laurens, SC)

3rd Place:  The Stirling Peltier Hybrid Engine – Wil Armstrong, Dylan Drake and Andrew Shelton – Laurens High School (Laurens, SC)

Honorable Mentions

  • Track-A-Tray – Abigail Garrison, Walter Young and Camden Carmen – Laurens High School (Laurens, SC)
  • Plastic Bottle Cap Solution – Zachary Huang – Spring Valley High School (Columbia, SC)


TM Floyd Top Innovator: Next Energy Engineering – Kirsten Bullington – R2i2 (Columbia, SC)

2nd Place: Micro Controllers/Soil Moisture – Denise Wright – Ocean Bay Middle School (Myrtle Beach, SC)

3rd Place: Green Roof High School Design – Rob Sheffield – Laurens High School (Laurens, SC)


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