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Is it time for a change?

Because of the growing demand for technology in nearly every industry, many are finding success in a career in information technology (IT). The need for IT professionals is strong and growing – while the salary opportunities are as well. It’s an ideal environment to help you find your dream job.

IT-oLogy offers educational opportunities for postsecondary students and young and experienced professionals to explore the IT field and provide the skills to get started.


IT Career Development Bootcamp

A two-day event that will not only give you a taste of IT, but will equip you with the resources and skills to start and succeed in the field. You’ll learn the variety of jobs and salaries available in IT and the most important skills employers in South Carolina are looking for. You’ll network with IT recruiters, current IT professionals, and technical training providers. You’ll discover more about yourself and how you can take advantage of the rapidly expanding field that is technology.


In each workshop, we will study an individual soft skill. While each workshop is “flavored” for IT careers, the content can be easily applied to other fields. Potential career changers will find the material both applicable to their current field, as well as preparation for a role in IT. Topics include teamwork, communication, dealing with change, networking, office politics, and more.


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IT Career Development Institute

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