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IT Soft Skills

Communication, teamwork, negotiation are among the most in-demand skills IT employers are looking. Technical skills are not enough. Employers are looking the well-rounded “whole” IT professional who not only understand technology, but also can work effectively with each other, and the clients the organization serves.

Why Soft Skills?

“Why, besides the threat of declining productivity, should employers support the development of secondary skills? Because, according to author Anil Singhal, secondary skills have broad positive effects on the office as a whole. Skills like coding and accounting create value in an additive way. Communication and leadership skills are multiplicative—they help make the whole team more valuable.” Read more in this Wall Street Journal article.

IT-oLogy IT Soft Skills Workshops

IT-oLogy offers workshops for those serious about exploring IT careers and those pursuing advancement in the field.

Through our IT soft skills workshops, you’ll receive:

  • A list of specific, IT careers that align with your passion, job descriptions, and salary ranges (customized for each participant based on your survey). Complete the Career Survey here if you have not yet.
  • The latest data from CIOs, CEOs, and recruiters describing the skills they look for when hiring IT employees
  • An IT-oLogy certificate of completion

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Upcoming IT Soft Skills Workshops

Time:  8:30 am – 12:00 noon
Cost: $50
Description:  With IT-oLogy’s partnership with Furman University and BlueCross BlueShield South Carolina, we will engage professionals in IT Career Development workshops with a focus around soft skills specific to the IT industry.  Participants will learn the mindsets, skillsets and technology toolsets to execute with excellence.  These workshops are ideal for managers, project managers, technicians, programmers, developers, analysts, educators, and those looking to pursue a career in IT.  Soft skills are foundational to creating strong employees, teams, leaders and organizations.TM Floyd & Company

IT-oLogy was able to launch the IT Soft Skills workshops due to the generous support of TM Floyd & Company.

February 22, 2018: IT Negotiation Skills: Seal the Deal

IT veteran Bonnie Kelly will help you learn the essential back-and-forth communication skills required to reach a beneficial agreement for both parties and how this relates to jobs in IT.

In our interactive environment, you’ll:

  • Discover the importance and impact of preparation for negotiation – in all aspects of your career
  • Focus on interests, not positions
  • Enhance your power and options for mutual gain

Registration Closed

Hurry and sign up for the March 8th workshop!


March 8, 2018: Courage in the IT Workplace: 10 Surefire Ways to Build Your Credibility

IT veteran Bonnie Kelly will help you enhance your IT professional communication skills and learn how to have difficult, courageous conversations. In our interactive environment, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of what courage looks like in the IT workplace and the importance of setting expectations
  • Learn why it’s important, and the skills and competencies needed to be successful
  • Experience first-hand the beneficial outcomes as the result of courageous communication


March 22, 2018: Leading with Impact in IT: From Tired to Inspired

IT veteran Bonnie Kelly will help prepare you as an IT leader by learning the importance of emotional intelligence, high impact communication and attributes of impactful leadership.

Interactive exercises will reveal:

  • The influence of body language
  • Effects of voice tone
  • Verbal vs. non-verbal messages
  • How passion, persistence and kindness can generate support from others and inspire action
  • These skills are vital in growing strong professionals for any position in IT.


IT Career Development Programs

IT Soft Skills

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