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“What Should My Career Be?”

It’s the question many of us struggle with. If you’re a student, you’re seeking the answer to help you choose what classes to take, what clubs to join, what college or university to attend, and what you should major in! Whew!

If you’re a parent, you share these same concerns for your student. Though, you may be asking yourself the same question. Perhaps you’ve chosen a career that you’d now like to escape. Fortunately, there is great news for both of you!

The Opportunity

Information technology (IT) is a rapidly growing career field that satisfies the following key factors that you and your student should look for when choosing the right career:

In-Demand – A field where you’re desperately wanted and needed – too many jobs available and too few candidates.
Profitable – A field that offers numerous opportunities and benefits, including great salaries.
Interesting – A field that you find interesting and can easily gain the skills to be successful.
Impact – A field that gives you the opportunity to work on life-changing tasks – healthcare, cyber security, robotics, agriculture, etc.

More reasons IT may be your ideal career.

Getting Started

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