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The importance of teaching technology job skills

It’s no surprise that information technology, and its importance to our future workforce, is receiving greater attention in schools, government, and business. There’s a growing movement to emphasize STEM content, and specifically, to make computer science required coursework in secondary education. Fortunately, national, state, and community leaders recognize the need for current and future generations to have the technology skills required for ongoing economic development.

As you teach these skills to your students, you’ll find that they not only open new opportunities for them, but also for you. These skills will grow you professionally and advance your educational career.

You are the Key

We believe that the key to creating sustainable impact on students is by investing in you, the teacher. IT-oLogy hosts teacher professional development opportunities, in partnership with national cyber/computer science leaders NICERC. Learn more about these professional development workshops here.

The IT Opportunity

Information technology (IT) is a rapidly growing career field that satisfies the following key factors that you and your students should look for when choosing the right career:

In-Demand – A field where you’re desperately wanted and needed – too many jobs available and too few candidates.
Profitable – A field that offers numerous opportunities and benefits, including great salaries.
Interesting – A field that you find interesting and can easily gain the skills to be successful.
Impact – A field that gives you the opportunity to work on life-changing tasks – healthcare, cyber security, robotics, agriculture, etc.

More reasons IT may be your ideal career.

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