2022 Winter STEM Activities for Kids

By December 14, 2022 Education

Ten Winter STEM Activities to do at Home

Spend quality time with your kids this winter season creating fun memories and learning about STEM! We’ve gathered 10 Winter STEM Activities that you and your kids can complete together at home!

Code a Snowball Fight

For kids interested in learning about coding, learn how to code a snowball fight using Scratch 3 and this project from Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Experiment with Making Reverse Engineered Toys

Does your child have plenty of small or broken toys filling their toy box? Teach your child about the cycle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle while allowing them to express their creativity by reverse engineering small, used toys into new ones! 

Celebrate Hanukkah Using Circuits

Did you know that you can make your own circuit system with just a few items? Check out this activity for creating a Paper Circuit Menorah to celebrate or learn about Hanukkah!

Santa Tracker Code Lab

Explore winter fun for the family, play games using coding blocks, and more using Google’s Santa Tracker.

Make Bubbling Christmas Lights

Create one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments that mimic the properties of lava lamps this year with just a few items!

Create a Scribble Bot

Using a small motor and colored pens or markers, you can create your very own Art Robot at home! Oh what fun your kids will have experimenting and designing with their very own homemade robot.

Engineer a 3D Christmas Tree

Harnessing the power of shapes and building, kids can build their very own 3D Christmas tree out of paper! Let them unleash their creativity on decorating their tree however they’d like.

Elsa’s Winter Slime

Spark wonder and curiosity in your kids with the fun, science activity of making their own slime! Make your slime festive by adding winter sparkles or snowflakes.

Draw a Snowman Using JavaScript

Using Hour of Code, utilize this tutorial to start teaching your kids coding with JavaScript to draw their own snowman using code! This activity is suggested for students ages 8 to 15.

Snowflake Algorithm

Practice computational thinking with a fun activity of making your own snowflakes! Kids will create their own snowflakes out of paper and write down the algorithm they used on their worksheets. Try creating a snowflake algorithm with them and trade once you’re finished and then try to replicate the patterns by following the given algorithm.

For more fun STEM activities that you can explore at home with your kids, check out our curated list of activities and tools for K-12 Students.