What is IT-oLogy? What We Are Not…

IT-oLogy. The buzz is around Columbia, South Carolina, and growing quickly around the Southeast. The greens and blues of the smiling logo can be seen driving down Gervais Street. Maybe you’ve heard of us. Maybe you haven’t.

I have to laugh at all the different ideas, visions and assumptions people have about IT-oLogy. I’ve heard our name pronounced many different ways (and spelled many ways too). First and foremost, we are not “It” ology. We are pronounced “I-T-ology.” Let’s all say it together now – I promise you won’t look stupid talking to your computer!


Okay, now we have that down. So, what exactly is IT-oLogy? Let’s first talk about what we’re not.

“How do I sign up?” is a question we get often, whether it is someone stopping in our really cool new space on Gervais Street (stop by and see us!), or someone talking to me at POSSCON. Sign up for what? Many folks think we are a technology school. We’re not.

“I’m an IT professional who needs a job. Are you hiring?”

This is a hard one. Yes, we would love to hire every IT professional out there, but here’s something you probably don’t know – we don’t actually hire people. IT-oLogy is not a recruiting agency.

We’re not a computer store. We’re not a technology school. We’re not a recruiting agency. We don’t create software. We don’t train people.

We’re more than this. Over the next few months, I look forward to sharing with you what IT-oLogy is – from our mission and vision, to our projects and plans, to our partners. Stay tuned!

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