Want to Change the World? Choose an IT Career

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Choose an IT Career

Why Choose an IT Career?

To say that modern technology has changed our way of living is an understatement. Those who have embarked in an information technology (IT) career have contributed countless innovations to our daily lives, many of which had become so commonplace that we forget how groundbreaking they were when they were first launched.

Businesses today depend on their programmers and computer science graduates to conduct simpler, faster, and efficient backroom and front-end operations. The healthcare sector, for instance, has benefited from cutting-edge medical breakthroughs that have saved lives and improved the quality of life of many patients. From transportation to communication, all the way to the way we manage our households, information technology encompasses every area of day to day living.

An opportunity to change the course of history

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the late Steve Jobs are a few of the trailblazers in the IT field that we know of, but did you know that there are countless others who have changed our lives for the better? For example, there’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man responsible for creating the World Wide Web (www), the information superhighway that is navigated through the use of a browser. There’s also Elon Musk, an inventor, business magnate, and venture capitalist who founded future forward companies like Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX, and PayPal.

Because of these IT professionals, us non-techie types have the tools to easily build websites, write code, set up online businesses, and countless other innovations that have become so commonplace that we already take them for granted.

Why choosing an IT career is your best option to make an impact in today’s world

Unlimited opportunities for growth

They say that change is the only certainty in an increasingly uncertain world, and this is true for the IT field more than any other industry nowadays. As businesses and organizations move at an increasingly faster pace, so does the demand for skilled professionals who know their way around big data, cloud computing, and a host of other innovations to keep up with the times. If you’re someone who thrives on continuous growth and learning, then you have an almost unlimited chance for success. The key is to always stay on top of the latest trends and acquire as much knowledge as you can.

It pays well

If you’re looking to earn a substantial paycheck, then look no further than pursuing an IT career. These types of jobs are compensated extremely well, regardless of where you work. In the US, for example, roles such as systems engineers, web developers, or software/systems administrators are typically paid somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000 annually. It can go up more if you’re tasked to take on managerial roles or lead a team of software developers and programmers.

IT has become an essential part of running an organization

Whether you work for a large conglomerate or a non-profit, your skills as an IT professional will prove to be an invaluable part of the organization. Even small businesses require an expert to help run it efficiently. It is needed to help simplify rudimentary but essential integral tasks like saving data on CCTV cameras, keeping track of inventory, or running an e-commerce business.

Banks, financial institutions, and other big businesses are even more dependent on IT to run backroom and front-end operations, communicate with staff efficiently, and scale their marketing campaigns to reach all their current and prospective clients worldwide.

There are not enough IT professionals to fill the demand

Despite the fact that IT has become an integral part of running an organization, there are not enough professionals with sufficient knowledge in the field. IT requires a specialized set of skills that need to be filled in many organizations today. Experienced IT experts who have proved their mettle in their respective fields are a dime a dozen, and an impressive resume does not always translate to actual skills when it comes to solving actual problems at the workplace.

If you’re someone who has earned the reputation for getting the job done with the speed and ease of an established IT professional, you have nowhere else to go but up. A career in IT gives you a chance to make a major impact in whatever organization you choose to become a part of. Being the go-to “computer expert” in your company gives you a tremendous advantage to introduce improvements that will benefit every member of your team.

The fact that IT professionals are sought after by all types of businesses and organizations worldwide makes it a lucrative career—one that allows you to make a contribution, even as you work hard to make a decent living.

Shuba KathikeyanShuba Kathikeyan heads APEX Global, the learning solutions arm of ECC International (ECCI). She has over 10 years of experience in the areas of project management, business analysis, software development and IT service management. She carries several international certifications in the areas of ITIL, Business Analysis, Project Management, Microsoft Technology and Learning Management among others. Shuba has a passion for process improvement, training and new product development.

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