USC Ambassador, Shydeia Caldwell: What about technology?

By August 31, 2015 Coursepower

Technology, what can I say? You’ve engraved your importance into my life and those around me. I’ve always been the child who said, “When I grow up I want to work for myself.” For me, growing up in this generation (with the addition of technology) is an advantage for following my dreams. This happens to be my reason for becoming a student at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Art Studio and minoring in Applied Computing.

As a young entrepreneur in the 20th century, learning skills in a technological field is a necessary. I look at technology as the number one way to communicate with my audience. This summer in New York City, interning for shoe designer Aurora James and website StyleLikeU taught me a lot about social media outreach as well web development. From social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube I learned how to navigate these networks to attract my own audience; ultimately, leading me to create Black Girl Magik: an online & offline space for women of color to engage in dialogue while promoting sisterhood and self-love. With this added minor, I feel confident about the skills I will be taught throughout my academic journey at USC. It These skills looks great on my resume and assures potential customers that I have a thorough understanding of their needs. Overall, the most fulfilling part, is that I will graduate from USC advanced in a forever-growing job market.

Shydeia Caldwell
Black Girl Magik Founder
B.A. Art Studio, University of South Carolina 2016

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