Twenty Five Attend Version Control/Git Workshop

By October 26, 2012 IT-oLogy Defined

25 people attended the Version Control/Git/GitHub workshop held at IT-oLogy on Thursday, October 25. The Open IT Lab hosted the event and Jarrell Waggoner, the Lab’s Program Manager, served as the instructor.

The workshop focused on version control, which is a common tool used by software developers to keep track of changes in code or documents. Git is an immensely popular distributed version control system used to manage numerous open source projects, including the Linux kernel. GitHub is a commercial website and service that makes it easier to manager git repositories.

Attendees ranged in experience levels and included students, professors and local IT professionals. Each walked away with information they could put to immediate use, such as how to create a repository, how to use the staging area and manage commits, how to add and remove files, how to create branches, manage tags and view logs, and much more.

The Open IT Lab is planning to offer the workshop again in December. If interested please contact Todd Lewis at [email protected] for more information and to register. Seating will be limited.

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