Twelve Students from SCVRD visit Open IT Lab

By December 13, 2011 IT-oLogy Defined

Students from SCVRD visit the IT-oLogy Open IT Lab.

Twelve students from the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (SCVRD) visited the Open IT Lab on Wednesday, November 16. Each student was from the SCVRD’s Information Technology Training Center (ITTC). The goal of the trip was to learn more about open source software, hardware and content and our visitors were not disappointed.

Students started with a 40 minute overview of the definition, history and examples of open and open source in the Create IT Classroom, then took a 30 minute tour of the Open IT Lab. The tour of the Lab included hands-on time with the Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3-D printer, the Arduino, an open source single-board microcontroller, and other open source applications on a Dell Touchscreen, a 27-inch iMac and a Linux laptop and netbook.

Henry Mullins of the SCVRD arranged the trip and plans more in the future.

“I look forward to learning as much as possible about open source,” said Mullins, echoing the sentiments of quite a few other students.

The Open IT Lab will hold many more tours and workshops in the future and we hope the SCVRD will continue to visit. It was our pleasure to host them.

For more information on ways to get involved with the Open IT Lab, contact Diedre Murphy at [email protected]. For more information about the Lab itself, go to

Todd Lewis is the Founder of the Open IT Lab at IT-oLogy. He also serves as Chair of POSSCON, one of the largest open source conferences on the east coast, and managing partner of Palmetto Computer Labs, an open source consulting company.

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