Thirty Attend Javascript Survival Guide Workshop

Javascript(2)Thirty technologists attended the Javascript Survival Guide workshop on February 26 at IT-oLogy. Hosted by the Open IT Lab, the event drew people of all backgrounds and experiences, from the computer science student at the university level to the seasoned web developer.

Javascript is an open source client side scripting language used to create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites – it’s a language every developer should know. The workshop’s purpose was to provide useful information designed to steer attendees away from javascript’s cliffs and canyons and lead them towards clear, concise and powerful code. Client side javascript can feel like a big open wilderness if you haven’t been immersed in the culture and best practices.

Brad Dunbar, a developer at Pathable Inc and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, served as workshop instructor and did a fantastic job. He will offer an additional workshop for the javascript beginner in upcoming months.

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