The Open IT Lab Visits TriLUG in Raleigh

By October 22, 2012 IT-oLogy Defined

Last week Todd Lewis and Jim Salter visited Red Hat Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Triangle Linux User Group (TriLUG) in the heart of the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle is one of the largest monthly Linux meetings in the world.

Todd, the founder of the Palmetto Open Source Software Conference (POSSCON) and the Open IT Lab, presented POSSCON’s mission  and invited the Linux enthusiasts to attend the next conference March 27-28, 2013. The visit also served to strengthen ties between Columbia and Raleigh as we work on similar goals of promoting open source education and solutions.

Jim presented the feature talk on the Linux Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM). As a self-employed system administrator, Jim considers KVM to be a critical infrastructure in his business. Virtualization allows one to run operating systems and applications on top of a core host operating system enabling greater reliability, scalability, and maximum hardware utilization. While KVM needs a Linux kernel as the host, it can run any guest Operating System including Windows or BSD. A huge advantage is that the technology is open source and is not subject to proprietary vendor lock-in like many other virtualization products.

You can watch the Google+/YouTube video below. Todd’s talk starts at 19:30 and Jim’s talk is at 25:25. You can also follow along with the slides here.

Jim plans to offer his KVM talk in Columbia soon, perhaps at the next POSSCON.

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