The Open IT Lab Celebrates Software Freedom Day 2012

Cross-posted from the Open IT Lab News

The Open IT Lab joined nearly 300 other teams from over 60 countries around the world in celebrating this year’s Software Freedom Day last Saturday. Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software that takes place on the third Saturday in September.

The Open IT Lab offered our flagship “Open Source 101” workshop. Jarrell Waggoner led our guests on an engaging overview of what it means for software, hardware, and content to be open. Attendees learned how open source has already changed our world and some everyday examples of this “innovation based on sharing” development strategy. We saw how open source software is becoming more and more important to how businesses operate. Finally, attendees were encouraged to participate by either contributing to open projects or starting their own.

After the lecture, we did a drawing and three lucky participants won commemorative t-shirts. The t-shirts, stickers, and balloons were generously supplied by sponsors of Software Freedom Day.

Attendees then were led on a tour of our state- of-the-art Open IT Lab, featuring open software, open content, and open hardware.

Come join us next year for Software Freedom Day! We plan to offer our Open Source 101 workshop again in January.

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