Tech League STEAM Competition Division Grand Champions and Competition III Winners

By May 15, 2018 Tech League
Tech League

Tech League STEAM Competition Champions

Congratulations to our divisions’ grand champions and competition III winners!  You all did an outstanding job!

Below is a recap of the divisions’ winners. Pictures from the event are available here in our photo gallery!

Division Grand Champions

Elementary School Division
World of Faith Christian Center – Team 1

Middle School Division
Kelly Mill Middle School – Team 1

High School Division
Word of Faith Christian Center

Competition III Winners

11 teams competed in competition III in which a score of 256 or higher was needed to qualify for the trophy round.

Middle School Competition III Winner
Kelly Mill Middle School – Tech Wave Team 1 -265 pts

High School Competition III Winner
Columbia High Robotics 4 – 260 pts

Competition III Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions for overall high scores:

Macedonia Elementary School – 205 pts
WOFCC High – 215 pts

Honorable Mentions for Participation in all 3 Competitions

WOFCC Elem. Team 1
Kelly Mill Middle Team 1
Longleaf Middle Team 1
Saint Andrews Middle

Honorable Mentions for High Scorers in a Competition Challenge

Longleaf Middle School Leopards 1 – Extra level in Robot Arm Maneuver – 100 pts Columbia High Robotics 4 – Repeat blocks used in programming drone – 85 pts
Kelly Mill Middle School Team 1  – Repeat blocks used in programming drone – 85 pts

Elementary DivisionCompetition ICompetition IICompetition IIIDivision Winner
Lake Carolina Elem. Upper/Center for Knowledge00175175
Lewis-Greenview Elementary033033
Macedonia Elementary Hawk Coders062205267
Macedonia Elementary Rubriks Minds037037
Meadow Glen Elementary520052
WOFCC Elementary Team 11716890275
WOFCC Elementary Team 20909
Middle School Division
Kelly Mill Middle Team 158170265493
Kelly Mill Middle Team 2094135229
Longleaf Middle Team 133117190340
Longleaf Middle Team 250910141
Saint Andrews Middle3652140228
W.G. Sanders - Robo Tiger770077
W.G. Sanders - Little Engineer360036
W.G. Sanders - Tech Team760076
High School Division
Columbia High Robotics 300125125
Columbia High Robotics 400260260
Columbia High Robotics 500160160
WOFCC High20192215427

Acknowledgement of our sponsor, host, volunteers and staff

Sponsor: Benedict College, Dr. Leon Geter
Host: Richland County Public Library – Rebecca Thomas
Volunteers and Staff:
Charles Bellamy
Kirk Carlson
Pranav Guntupalli
Nidhi Guntupalli
Roshona Jenkins
Dr. Leon Geter
Kenesha Johnson
Quinandria Lee
Candace Lipsey
Robert Lumpkin
Kristy McLean
Diandra Simon
Kelrianna Sistrunk
Jack Stavrakas
Darrell Stotts


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