Tech League STEAM Competition II Update

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Congratulations to our winning teams! Thank you all for your support, participation and dedication. Below is a recap of the divisions winners. Pictures of the event will be posted soon.

Acknowledgement of our sponsor, host, volunteers and staff

Sponsor: Benedict College, Dr. Leon Geter
Host: Richland County Public Library – Rebecca Thomas
Volunteers and Staff:
Charles Bellamy
David Moses
Kimberly Flowers
Kirk Carlson
Pranav Guntupalli
Nidhi Guntupalli
Quinandria Lee
Robert Lumpkini
Roshona Jenkins
Jack Stavrakas
Darrell Stotts

In Competition II, teams had to score 120 or more points to qualify for the trophy round.

Elementary School Competition II Winner
World of Faith Christian Center – Team 1

Middle School Competition II Winner
Kelly Mill Middle School – Tech Wave Team 1

High School Competition II Winner
Word of Faith Christian Center

Elementary DivisionCompetition ICompetition IICompetition IIIDivision Winner
Lewis-Greenview Elementary033
Macedonia Elementary Hawk Coders062
Macedonia Elementary Rubriks Minds037
Meadow Glen Elementary520
WOFCC Elementary Team 117168
WOFCC Elementary Team 209
Middle School Division
Kelly Mill Middle Team 158170
Kelly Mill Middle Team 2094
Longleaf Middle Team 133117
Longleaf Middle Team 25091
Saint Andrews Middle3652
W.G. Sanders - Robo Tiger770
W.G. Sanders - Little Engineer360
W.G. Sanders - Tech Team760
High School Division
WOFCC High20222

Free Practice Workshops

The primary goal of the Tech League STEAM competition is to develop student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills through communication, collaboration and teamwork. To assist coaches in developing and fostering these skills, free workshops are available at IT-oLogy for teams to work on practice challenges. These workshops are in addition to their individual practice sessions.

**Registration for the April 28th, 2018 competition is now open with a deadline of April 20th.**


The new competition practice packet will be available March 2, 2018.

The competition challenges will be centered around programming and maneuvering robots and drones, and completing aeronautical mission via simulations.

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