An I.T. State of Mind

By September 16, 2015 Coursepower

Ever since I can remember, I have always learned best doing things hands on, and once I was introduced to computers and other technology, I could not stray away from learning how to use it all. Now, I not only enjoy hands on learning, but I also strive to take the creative route, due to my love for the arts. Lucky for me, growing up in Hilton Head Island, SC, I went to schools that focused on the creative arts, and with that I learned how to be creative on paper and with technology.

I can remember using Kid Pix at Hilton Head School for The Creative Arts for projects, and now you will find me using Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I would have never guessed that with learning how to use technology creatively back then, that it would impact how I use technology for the rest of my life.

Now a senior at Columbia College, it is safe to say that I have grown to be a fan of using technology creatively, which is why in a year I will have a Studio Art Major with a concentration in Graphic Design. However, it is with the Applied Computing Minor that I can truly say that I have gone into an “IT State of Mind.” Columbia College has given me the tools I need to be a Graphic Designer, by providing me with the courses to succeed in the design world, but what has proven to help me excel in design world is the Applied Computing Minor.

The Applied Computing Minor has allowed me to market myself as designer that is well equipped with a background in technology, as the experience I have with design programs fall hand in hand with the knowledge I have gained with the Applied Computing Minor. Due to having the Applied Computing Minor, I was able to land a summer internship for in Jacksonville, FL.

I am thankful to now have an “IT State of Mind” with the Applied Computing Minor, as it has allowed me to showcase my design skill, while also exhibiting my ability to use technology such as apps, coding, and web design. Working for a corporate web design company such as this past summer, I truly was grateful to have such an “IT State of Mind,” because I was able to apply it to the overall process of coding and design. I am proud to be involved with a minor that is such an asset to my future career as a designer.

Jessica Bonilla Garcia

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