Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.46.47 PMAs yet another school year comes to a close, parents everywhere are wondering the same thing: how will we keep our child busy this summer?  Whether you’re looking to keep your kids’ minds sharp, or simply trying to keep your youngest out of trouble, we here at IT-oLogy have been one step ahead of you. Throughout the summer, we’ll be brining you the latest and greatest summertime activities that will keep the whole family interested, engaged and active in IT.

1.  Bee-Bot

For the young, elementary-aged student, Bee-Bot is a fun introduction to robotics.  This easy-to-operate little guy combines fun time with simultaneously learning estimation, sequencing and problem-solving skills.  With up to 40 directional commands, Bee-Bot will happily navigate most surface floors, or one of many possible mats. Find out more at:

2.  Raspberry Pi

No, you won’t be sharing slices of this Pi.  The tiny, open hardware computer (that’s probably smaller than your smartphone) can be used to create and control nearly any project you can imagine.  Not just compact, the Pi is pretty affordable, starting at $25.  The Raspberry Pi website is loaded with ideas to get you started.  Not convinced?  Check out these cool projects that your child can make (yes, they’re all possible!):

Due to the increased level of difficulty, Pi is probably best for ages middle school and up.  To order a Raspberry Pi or find out more about the open hardware technology, head to their homepage here:


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