Students celebrate the middle of summer with Summer Split

Summer Split

“I’m a 7th grader. Who would have thought a 7th grader could do this!”

The smile on my face just got bigger when I heard one sweet 7th grader say this today at Summer Split. It was one of those programs we do where I could not stop smiling. There were laughing children, smiling faces, excited eyes. This was a group of 23 middle school students who were so into the IT activities that it was hard to break them away for pizza and banana splits! These students learned how to make their own ethernet cables and program video games. They talked nonstop – asking questions, giving ideas, helping each other.

Today would not have been possible without a few folks I have to mention. First, our volunteers. Without a volunteer army, we cannot run programs. I applaud some key volunteers from SCANA, Pandoodle, USC and JCCT for making today happen.

  • SCANA Volunteers: Jamesetta James, Natasha Wright and Ken Broome
  • Pandoodle: Raghav Badiger
  • JCCT: Joseph Strenk
  • USC Student Curtis Thorne

As much as I want to write about today, though, I should let these awesome kids speak for themselves!

We took some pictures and video on the iPad, and quickly using iMovie, we created a short video highlighting Summer Split. Enjoy!


Pictures: check out the Summer Split 2012 Set on Flickr!

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