Student Profile: Dakota Hunter teaching “IT-oLogy”

There is nothing better than telling stories of students who are doing some amazing stuff in the world of IT. Dakota Hunter is one of those students, he is attends the University of South Carolina studying Information Technology. We found him teaching middle school students the basics of HTML right here at IT-oLogy.

Dakota has a special talent, sharing his knowledge of web development and design. When I first walked into the class with my camera, I knew there was something special about his style. He knows how to interact with the students and he knows his stuff. Dakota talked about the joy of teaching, how it provides an opportunity for him to learn from the students and the classroom experience. His teaching has reinforced his knowledge and has gained valuable communication skills for the work place.

The camp in the video is a two week camp for middle school students. This camp rotates, allowing other students to attend and learn more about a discipline and the world of IT. To learn more about IT-oLogy’s camps, visit our events page here.

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