POSSCON 2015 – By the Numbers

POSSCON 2015 (4)

The team at IT-oLogy would like to take a minute to thank everyone one last time for helping make 2015 the most successful POSSCON ever!  Never before have so many people attended, volunteered, and participated as did this year. 


Just a few of the numbers we’ll be aiming to better in 2016:


  • More than 825 registered for the conference – the most ever
  • People attended from 16 states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington State, and Oregon
  • People from 7 countries attended, including Brazil, France, India, Taiwan, Lybia, Turkey, and of course, the United States
  • Nine (9) – the total number of Columbia venues visited and patronized if attendees participated both Tuesday and Wednesday
  • More than 70 people volunteered – the most ever by far
  • Forty (40) of the nation’s leading experts spoke
  • Nearly 50 of the country’s top technology companies were represented.


We’re also incredibly proud to say the attendee feedback we received via survey last week has been overwhelmingly positive.  That means we’re delivering value to the people that matter most – the people that are helping us fulfil the IT-oLogy mission.


We’re already working hard to deliver another great event in 2016.  We sincerely hope even more people help us do it.


Thanks again for a fantastic 2015!

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