Open IT Lab Hosts 28 Students from Fairfield Central High School

By December 10, 2012 IT-oLogy Defined

The Open IT Lab hosted 28 students from Fairfield Central High School in Winnsboro County, SC. The trip took place Wednesday, November 28 and was part of a field trip designed to make students aware of career opportunities in the information technology field.

Todd Lewis led the students on a tour of IT-oLogy and explained why and how the organization was formed. He also showed the students the Open IT Lab, explained open source, and why knowledge of open source technology is extremely important.

Fairfield Central High School students traveled to IT-oLogy
to investigate careers in Information Technology

Jeremy Bicha conducted a 1.5 hour workshop just for the students on the fundamentals of electronic design. The Arduino, a micro controller manufactured by IT-oLogy member Sparkfun Electronics, was used to demonstrate the principles of electronics engineering and computing. Students worked in teams to build their own machine and make it perform various functions.

Stacey Feaster, Career Specialist at Fairfield Central High School, summed up the field trip. “[The students] gained practical application experience and real-world knowledge they will use in choosing a career path. We appreciate the incredible opportunity provided to our students.”

Senior Natrone Trapp thought the trip was beneficial to him as he looks toward his professional career. “I am more certain about my Computer Science Major and feel this field trip has provided me with the information I need to make the right choice about my future. I can’t wait to attend college and use and develop design software.”


Quotes from Career Central Newsletter

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