As I’ve started my job hunt, I’ve realized how prepared I truly am thanks to my Applied Computing minor. Now that I have graduated college and must demonstrate the skills I’ve acquired, I now feel like I have a more impressive arsenal to draw from as I tweak my resume and draft my cover letters.
My minor focused on the business track, which caused me to have more interest in the inner workings of businesses. I even included administrative assistant positions in the jobs I’ve applied for lately. While they would let me demonstrate my writing and even the graphic design skills from my major, these positions would also give me a glimpse of the important infrastructure of a company and how everything works together to run a business.
The principles of marketing and e-business aspects of my minor helped me sharpen the skills in my major as it made me consciously think about how and what I write to convey a message or idea. Businesses are similarly always trying to project their image, ideas, and products in the best way possible. I feel that my minor has given me a better understanding of how businesses think, which will make me more marketable and valuable as an employee.
My ultimate goal is to work in marketing or advertising, which will mean that I will essentially be the voice that tells potential consumers what they need to know about a business. I feel confident that by incorporating my knowledge of the principles of marketing with my knowledge of different writing styles, I can effectively spread a message in a way that I know will benefit the company and engage its audience. By also combining my e-business, HTML, and graphic design knowledge, I can communicate online in a visually appealing way to make the company seem consistent with its offline presence.
Overall, I feel like my Applied Computing minor has given me the extra edge that I didn’t know that I needed. As I have explained during my presentations as an Ambassador: it may seem like what you want to do may not always warrant technology, but it is an invaluable skill. I feel confident putting my minor on my resume and stressing my skills as I continue my job search.

Carol Weaver
Columbia College

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