Not Your Typical “I.T.” Girl

By September 9, 2015 Coursepower

One year ago, I would have struggled to write this biography. Opening Word without my computer crashing was an accomplishment and attaching my finished document to an email for my supervisor to approve would have been next to impossible. However, after exploring the applied computing minor at Columbia College, it is safe to say that I have slowly emerged into an “IT” girl. I have learned a lot about web development and how information technology shapes our stimulating world. I have explored new interests and passions about applied computing; I have met wonderful people who help put me on the path for future career success; but – most importantly – I have learned how to operate a computer without it crashing and attach a Word document to an email.

I am from Fort Mill, South Carolina and decided to study at Columbia College because of its core values and mission to empower women. I walked onto campus my first year expecting to study law and go on to law school. After a week of taking law classes, I realized that a career in law was not for me. I decided to finish my general education requirements in hopes of finding a new passion. Little did I know that the introduction to computer science class that I took to avoid calculus paved the way for me to pursue a career in information technology.

After spending a semester in computer science classes and connecting with the professors in the major, I grew to love computer science. Once I heard about the applied computing minor at Columbia College, I was quick to add it to my degree. I am majoring in communication studies and have a double minor in leadership and applied computing – concentrating in business. I hope to use my knowledge in communication, marketing, and computing in the corporate world. I am excited to continue down the applied computing track and show the world what this “IT” girl can accomplish.

Helen Taylor
Columbia College

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