National Data Privacy Day: How to Protect Your Data

By January 28, 2021 Uncategorized
National Data Privacy Day

Today, January 28, 2021 is Data Privacy Day, a day globally dedicated to bringing awareness to individuals’ digital safety and wellbeing. Data Privacy is “The right of an individual not to have private information about themself disclosed, and to live freely from surveillance and intrusion.”


This global awareness day aims to remind individuals and companies about the importance of digital privacy while highlighting easy ways to protect one’s personal information online. The National Cybersecurity Alliance has shared the following tips to protecting your personal information:


  • Guard your personal information like you would your money. Actively protect information such as your IP address, location, and purchase history. Carefully decide whether or not to share your personal data with businesses after examining how much information they are asking for.
  • Carefully consider which apps you allow access to your information such as your location, contact lists, and photo albums. Regularly delete unused apps from your devices and keep your other apps secure through routine updates.
  • Be mindful of your privacy and security settings on any web services and apps you use. Make sure you are comfortable with the settings and amount of information you are sharing. It’s important to do this for each app and web service you use as different applications will have different features that must be managed to limit information sharing.



Visit for more information on how to protect your data privacy.