Meet Zach – A Young Entrepreneur

I love meeting inspiring students and professionals in the field of IT. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to meet Zach, a junior at Lexington High School. Zach is a young entrepreneur who started his own business, ZCWStudios, over a summer. When he couldn’t find a summer job that fit his schedule once he went back to school, Zach took matters into his own hands. Here’s my interview with Zach:

Me: Why do you like information technology? What got you interested in IT and computers?

Zach: IT to me would be like getting your first computer. I enjoy technology, and if you were to give me five minutes, I could tell you the overall activity of the device, how to use it and set it up. Technology comes to me very easy, and I have never really needed to ask anyone about technology. I really go into computers when I first had my own. At the time, I thought Windows was the coolest and fastest thing out there, but ever since my freshman year in high school when I was introduced to my first Apple mac, I was amazed by the design, easy interface, speed and the stability. Ever since I have been using Mac and rarely ever touch a Windows. Even though I rarely use Windows, I am still very fluent in the set-up and programming.

Me: Tell me about your company. How did you get started? Why did you start ZCWStudios? What does ZCWStudios do?

Zach: I started my very first online business called ZCWStudios, and the background of the company was just an idea. I kept on getting put down and was told that would never work for a teenager! None of the negative comments or replies ever stopped me from being successful. My motto is no matter what others say and how negative the comments may be, complete your goal and while you’re at it, make it even more extreme! Nothing is going to stop you more than you giving into those negative comments that others give you.

I started the business for me and my hobby, and recently, I have expanded to where I have freelance employees, which has been great. My expansion is new and is still moving into effect, but so far the turn out has been great! The company is based off of customer satisfaction, and I will strive for that to happen as long as my business is still running. With the help of my graphic designers, web designers, marketing staff and mobile application development team, my business offers a wide variety of services such as web design and development, graphic design, marketing and mobile apps. I am always hiring more and more freelance employees to open an even wider choice of products.

I got started due to how easy I found it for me to code a website, but I will not deny at first I looked at website HTML and I freaked out, and I kept telling myself there is no way I could ever do that in my life! Don’t be like me and say you cannot do it, because you can. With a little motivation and a great sense of humor, you will accomplish it.

Me: What are your plans after high school graduation?

Zach: I plan on attending college while still running my business and move to expanding to office buildings.

Me: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Zach: In ten years, I can see myself already graduating college and starting my first business location if I have not already done so. My hopes are to expand eventually into my own office building. I could see doing this even before my college career. The options are endless, and there is no reason why something should ever stop me or anyone else. Many would say that money is always the issue, but that is not true. There is always a way when there is a will.

Me: What makes you an IT-oLogist?

Zach: Starting a business with $0 and moving forward to now having clients and hiring teens and adults. It could never be better and currently my employees Justin Lybrand, Emily Magnum, Branden Esquivel and Christine Halferty are a great help and we are always expanding!


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