What does it mean to be a Coursepower Ambassador

By November 12, 2014 Coursepower

Becoming the Coursepower Ambassador for Benedict College is truly the greatest honor for me because I get to be a part of the “untapped potential” that exists at Benedict College. Everyone knows that I am the Coursepower Ambassador for Benedict College, and today I was asked by a few students on campus what it means to be a Coursepower Ambassador. Why is Coursepower important and what is Coursepower? I was even asked by a few professors to come and speak to their classes today on Coursepower, the increase in IT, and its relevance to today’s workplace and students. Dr. Jiang and the professors in the School of STEM at Benedict College, along with professors from the Mass Communications Department and the School of Business & Economics, have made some new additions and course offerings for students who declare the Minor in Applied Computing.
One of the greatest joys that I get in being the Coursepower Ambassador is that I get to share my experiences with students on campus about how Coursepower has changed my life and has given me hope for the future. I want to attend law school and I have seen how important IT skills are in the future. Even lawyers need IT skills, and Dr. Jiang says in her class that IT personnel and businessmen and businesswomen need to know IT skills. The nexus of IT and business, as well as communications, education, and government, is very crucial to our economy. And it’s not just here in South Carolina that this need is required. It is also becoming more of a requirement internationally. No longer will international graduates have to compete for jobs just here in America, because they will be competing for jobs all around the world. IT jobs are very competitive. If you are going to spend four years in college, why not add a technological dimension to your resume and your portfolio?

Daris M. Thomas
Coursepower Ambassador for Benedict College

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