Leadership Development for IT Managers to be Held in Charleston

IT-oLogy and Furman University’s Institute for the Management of Information Technology (IMIT) is offering a three and ½ day intensive program for rising IT leaders who are managing technology teams and making higher level IT decisions. The program is open to all companies in the Lowcountry and provides a very low cost collaborative option for leadership education.  IMIT will be delivered at a convenient location to be determined based on participation.  The tentative dates are August 10- 14.

The format of the institute includes 10 integrated modules for IT decision makers and the outline for this highly regarded professional development is outlined below:

Day One: Decision-Making Framework, IT-OSD Model, IT Value Challenge, Strategic Positioning

Day Two: IT as a Business: Defining Client Value, Balancing Efficiency and Effectiveness, Cost Control, Organizational Structure

Day Three: Economics for IT, Client-Centric Strategies, Innovation, Hedgehog Concept

Day Four (Half Day): Guiding Principles, Vision and Culture, Importance of Leadership


For more information, please contact our IT-oLogy Executive Director for Charleston, Dave Johnson, at [email protected] or (843) 696-2304.

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