Katrina Kokubon – IT-oLogy Volunteer

Katrina KokubonI am so glad I was given the opportunity to work for IT-oLogy as a program instructor at Macedonia Elementary School. I was given the task of educating young students about computer programming by aiding them with several activities that displayed the essentials of programming. The students I worked with varied and were in grades first through sixth grade. Some were extremely energetic while others needed much more encouragement and attention. Nonetheless, I was more than happy to help each and every student involved in the program.

My passion

I believe I was very passionate about this cause because I believe it is critical that the next generation has enough knowledge about the advancements in technology to help make the future a better place for society. I am inspired each and every day by the fact that life is full of so many endless possibilities. It gives me great pleasure to know that we as a society can help one another to make a better tomorrow.

Through this program, I was able to see the impact that technology has on children. Students are very in synced with technology, and I loved to see that some individuals were excited and eager to learn more about programming. I wanted to see that the next generation did have the ability to learn and have fun at the same time. I believe that this program has helped to create future occupational opportunities for students.

What I learned

Responsibility: Working with children can be a difficult task. But it is absolutely doable. Though I was only a few years older, I still had a responsibility, and I needed to set rules. Children can get out of hand with their behavior, and one must know when to put his or her foot down. The program can be a lot of fun, but order must be established to complete the tasks.

Attitude: The program also allows the instructors to learn more about programming, so I suggest that any future instructors come in with a positive attitude and be eager to learn and teach. The instructors mood usually influences the students attitudes; thus, it is important to have a comfortable and happy environment.

Punctuality: Another thing that is important is punctuality. Always make sure to be organized, prepared, and on time.

This program was a great experience, and I am more than fortunate to have had this opportunity.



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