IT-oLogy Upstate – Overwhelming Success at our First Street Festival

By April 20, 2015 IT-oLogy Defined

PIC-IT-oLogy 4-4-15 Festival(5)On Saturday, April 4th, IT-oLogy Upstate participated in the iMAGINE Upstate Festival that happened on Main Street in Greenville. We estimate over 1,400 people stopped by to find out about us and how we can help the community by growing the IT Talent Pipeline. All who visited were so excited about our operations beginning in the Upstate. We heard from Principals of middle and high schools in the area who wanted to see when IT-oLogy could get programs in their schools and get their classes interested in IT. Career counselors from area districts stopped in to see when we were returning to their career fairs. They wanted IT-oLogy to continue to build their students interests while there is still time to think about where they are heading in their career path. Parents of home schooled PIC-IT-oLogy 4-4-15 Festival(2)students were very interested in the first Cyber Saturday and when programs would begin. Kids stopped by and wanted to experiment with our 3D printer and marvel at all of the items other children had already printed. Astounding too were the many people who wanted to volunteer to either train students, speak at career fairs or attend professional development events. I was overjoyed at the response of the community and the interest level in our programs. If you would like to be a part of our success in the Upstate please contact Lisa Calhoun at [email protected].

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