IT-oLogy Teaches People to Build a Computer from Scratch

The Open IT Lab at IT-oLogy hosted its first ever Build a Computer from Scratch workshop on Saturday, February 2.

The workshop targeted those that have wondered what goes on inside a computer and served as a unique hands-on opportunity for attendees to build a desktop computer from scratch. People with all levels of experience participated, from the less experienced college student to the seasoned IT professional that had never looked inside a computer to see how it works.

The workshop explained and demonstrated common components, such as the case, power supply, motherboard, memory, hard drive, and optical drive. Attendees were also shown how to install and connect these pieces to build a working machine.

Finally, the Ubuntu Linux operating system was installed and explained.

By the end of the two our event attendees learned about safety procedures, tools for computer assembly and repair, computer terminology and measurement units (RAM, SSD, BIOS, SATA, Intel Core, gigabytes, etc.), the basics of computer components and cables, installing and connecting basic computer components, Linux-compatible hardware, and how to install the Ubuntu operating system.

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